Candle Refill Program

Here at Wanderlust Fragrance Therapy, we strongly believe in making a positive impact on our environment!  Our products are natural, sustainable, and ethically sourced. Everything down to our packing materials are 100% recyclable. Our hope is that when you are finished enjoying your Wanderlust Fragrance Therapy products, you can find another use for the vessels  

In order to cut down on waste, we have developed a refill program! Every time you either bring or send us back a jar, we will refill that jar with the fragrance of your choosing at a discounted rate (20%). 

Shipping address: 321 Trinity Gardens Ln, Linden, NC, 28356

Please be sure to include your email address and contact information. Please protect each jar before sending them in. Saving our shipping boxes and packing material is a great opportunity to reuse them! 

If you are local and would like to drop off in person, please contact us at or via Instagram for drop off instructions. 

Angeline Kroeck  
Wanderlust Fragrance Therapy